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The Tale of the Woven Anchor Necklace


Where is Home?

Home, perhaps, is not one place or country. Perhaps we find a feeling of home through the rituals we create for ourselves; a sentiment of being rooted or grounded. Alighieri’s SS20 collection highlights the way in which we build homes, relationships and family trees through jewellery, passing them to the people we love, carrying them daily as reminders of our past experiences and promises for future adventures.

“To posit the question, Where is home?, I travelled back to Zambia, the vivid backdrop of my childhood, to shoot the new collection. I wanted to place these images alongside portraits of my 62 year old mother, as a celebration of her roots, and to underline the beautiful way in which the Alighieri community is an anthology of human beings, of many ages and places. We are all collecting fragments from the places we’ve been, and trying to piece them together to create a sense of identity.

“To celebrate the way in which our jewellery grounds us, creating a sense of home and belonging no matter where we are, I created the Tale of the Woven Anchor Necklace. The little gold sphere is an emblem of stability; it hangs on a handwoven sterling silver chain, as a reminder of the way in which our family stories are woven slowly over time, creating a tapestry for our future.”- RM

Handcrafted jewellery.

Material: bronze and plated with 24ct yellow gold vermeil.

Height: 17mm x Width: 10mm

Chain: sterling silver

Length: 50 cm

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