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The Sinking Stars Necklace


When Dante and Virgil have embarked upon their odyssey, the young poet is insatiably curious about the landscapes around him and the souls he encounters. At the end of the fourth circle of the Inferno Lady Fortune appears, turning her wheel, Dante would like to stay longer, to hear more.

Virgil reminds him that “already every star sinks that was rising when I set out and it is forbidden to stay too long”. The Sinking Star Necklace raises the question of when to leave certain chapters behind, and move forward to new adventures.

This is a floating question that doesn’t always have a definite answer.

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Handcrafted jewellery.

Material: bronze and plated with 24ct yellow gold vermeil.

Height: 25mm x Width: 21mm

Weight: 6,7g


Length: adjustable 40/45/50 cm

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