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Sevigne earcuff/phalanx ring S

Brand: Nomis


All products of the first Nomis collection appeal to experiments and constant transformation: the caff can be mounted on the ear or on any finger and worn like a ring. It is equally appropriate both during the day and in the evening.

The unique properties of sapphires, created in laboratory conditions, are in demand in the world of high technology – from precision measuring instruments to the space industry. Such stones bring the world of the future closer, in which people will begin to fly into space and use quantum computers. And this means that the decorations of the new world owe their relevance.

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Handcrafted jewellery.

Material: 18ct gold.

Stone: 15 laboratory grown baguette stones of silicium – 2,81ct.

Size: 13,5.

Made in Ukraine.


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