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Rimmart is a new facet of jewelry art, a brand based on an innovative approach to jewelry making. This is a unique style, elegance and seasoned beauty. Handmade at all stages - from a sketch to polishing, as well as an individual approach to each piece of jewelry. Jewelry is our little business cards, without which it is impossible to create a complete image. Every day they give us the opportunity to present ourselves effectively, emphasize individuality, build confidence, add charm that we can radiate. Rimmart Jewelry is unique. Same as you.

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Brand business card: Our mission is to please even those who do not wear jewelry

Brand designer

Rimma Ushakova

« And once I could not even think that the creation of jewelry would become my profession and my life's work. Allow yourself an interior designer. In the middle of my studies, I determined that I chose a profession not on the initiative in me of that passion and absorption with which I want to do what I love. From a general search, a study of my hobbies and interests, one should understand what I really would like to create and bring to the world. Jewelry has always fascinated me. I adore rings, I love earrings and bracelets very much, I always looked at them with pleasure, sketched them, often imperceptibly moving on to drawing the truth of the collections. In the last courses of my studies, I learned 3D modeling of jewelry, and the process of turning a drawn model into a real piece of jewelry bewitched me. Seeing how a pattern takes shape, becomes a piece that can be put on and worn, I conceived the collection to create my own jewels: expected and strict, stylish and sophisticated – designed specifically for today's search. This is how my brand was born. He is still quite young, his date of birth is July 2019, but he already has his own unique features that distinguish him from other jewelry projects. »

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