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Atelier Paulin

The founder of the brand was looking for a name bracelet for her daughter. The gift could not be found, and the designer ordered the right word on the bracelet, made in the ancient One Line Art weaving technique, from the jewelry workshop. The designer liked the result so much that she posted a photo on social networks. The bracelet has received a lot of positive feedback from Parisian fashion retailers. This became the springboard for launching a jewelry brand with the most important words-symbols. Atelier Paulin is so in demand that it creates souvenir decorations at the House of the President of France.

  • Country: France
  • Brand business card: Personal poetry and hand weaving technique One line art

Brand designer

Anne-Sophie Baillet & Matthias Lavaux

Anna has a fashion design school, several haute couture houses, career in event management, passion for fashion and jewelry, love of beauty and ideas. Matthias Lavaux, after several years as a fashion and film entrepreneur, quickly joined the brand, bringing his design sensibility and love of craftsmanship and rare gemstones to the brand.

Jewelry production

Ancient weaving technique One line art

Atelier Paulin jewelry is made using an ancient technique that was on the verge of extinction forever: the art of handcrafting precious metal wire jewelry. We have rethought this skill and made it our own, enriching it with our own skills, experience and emotions. We train each of our masters, whose talented hands transmit this magnificent art in our ateliers every day in Paris and New York and send them all over the world.

French craftsmanship

Atelier, because we value French craftsmanship, and claim a demanding, committed and transparent production ethic. After having reinterpreted and breathed new modernity into the ancestral technique of lettering, our Atelier continues to explore new spheres of creation to draw the contours of a coherent, aesthetic, singular and inspired global ecosystem.

Symbol words

Paulin, because our jewelry is above all the embodiment of a human adventure and because this first name resonates in the personal history of the founders. A name with meaning, which sounds like a connivance, a joy, a facetiousness, woven with softness and poetry. Since its creation, Atelier Paulin is a personalization without borders (bracelet, necklace, earring, ring, brooch, cufflinks), in-house innovations (twisted or hammered thread) and collaborations as collateral tributes (Lancôme, Cocteau..).

Special for Matiere 79

Our jewelry reflects our emotions. We write what is in our hearts, what we love, what drives us, what fascinates us. Atelier Paulin is so in demand that it creates souvenir decorations at the House of the President of France. Matiere79 has created a collaboration with Atelier Paulin: only in our boutique there are rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches and pendants with warm words in Russian.

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