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Alchimie it is the philosophy of the new brand from Matiere 79. The quintessence of the philosopher's stone, presented in each author's jewelry, is aimed at understanding the very essence of each of us. We are all part of the boundless Space, Matter and Time, but also, each of us is an unique carrier of his own microcosm, in which his individual philosopher's stone is hidden. The unconscious speaks the language of symbols. The Alchimie collection is a set of symbols created to personify each of us, it tells about our connection with the boundless Space.

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Brand business card: Minimalism, femininity and individuality

Brand designer

Kateryna Krytcka

« I believe that jewelry art is a form of materialization of thought. And I gave permission to my thoughts to take on a material form, endowing them with the meaning and message that are in my inner world. With each piece, we break the idea of ​​how it should be, and as a result we get a cool product.Yes, with my experience in jewelry, it was possible to go to Milan or French factories and place orders there, being sure that I will receive the very specific product I need.But I want it to be as Ukrainian as possible product, I want to develop this culture in our market. I believe that we will have more and more talented jewelers, that this industry will be booming. We are only at the beginning of the journey. »

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