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The Ukrainian brand Nomis Jewelry, created by Alyona Kiperman, breaks the established canons of jewelry, offering a modern look at the ossified things, usually dictated either by an engagement or a solemn occasion. All products of the first Nomis collection call for experimentation and constant transformation: a jewelry needle can be worn both as a mono-earring and as a pendant, a caf can be attached to the ear or any knuckle of the finger. Each decoration is equally appropriate both during the day and in the evening. They just ask to be combined with each other, as well as with other jewelry from your collection.

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Brand business card: Jewelry-transformers with laboratory stones

Brand designer

Alyona Kiperman

« The Nomis brand itself is created for people with a heightened sense of freedom. Their hobbies are not limited, their plans can change with the speed of updating the feed in social networks and instant messengers, adjusting the chosen images for themselves. Their declaration of personal freedom is lavish and imbued with a soft elegance that is easily enhanced by Nomis jewellery. »

Jewelry production

Lab Grown Stones

Jewelry is created from 18 carat gold and laboratory stones - emeralds and white diamonds. The creator of the brand decided to work with man-made stones after she visited the laboratories where such stones are “grown”. Laboratory-created diamonds, emeralds and sapphires have long been used not only in the jewelry industry, their unique properties are in demand in the world of high technologies - from precision measuring instruments to the space industry. Such stones bring the world of the future closer, in which people will begin to fly into space and use quantum computers. And this means that the adornments of the new world must correspond to it.

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